Emmaus House focuses on four key areas of service: Self Growth, Advocacy, Training, and Basic Needs.  These four service areas operate as an integrated model for healing, recovery, resilience, learning, and justice.  Services include trauma healing, life skills training, restorative justice, leadership, outreach, food redistribution, and fellowship.


Emmaus has provided a food pantry throughout its long history.  Through our food pantry, we not only meet the "basic needs" of our neighbors, but we also use this opportunity to build relationships with our community and learn more about their lives and potential needs.  Emmaus' food pantry is done with great compassion and love.  As a result, we've grown to serving over 120 families on a weekly basis.


Our soup run provides us the opportunity once a week to walk the streets of Harlem and distribute 50 meals to those in need.  This engagement provides great insight into the current challenges of the Harlem homeless community.  It also provides the opportunity to engage with police officers and local businesses to keep in touch with current develops in our neighborhood.  In many ways, providing soup is but a vehicle to initiate conversation, to deepen our relationship and understand their unique circumstance as to serve them better. The homeless have been mostly nameless and we strive to know each of them by name.


Our organization has a long history of "breaking bread" with our neighbors.  Our community meal is a time where our staff, volunteers, and neighbors sit down for great food and fellowship.  Many of our food pantry families join us for this time of sharing.  This meal provides a way to slow down and reconnect to regularly restore community faith and strength. 

Emmaus House - Harlem

160 West 120th Street, New York, NY 10027 




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